New Website

About a month ago we have upgraded our website and brought it up to web standards. We wanted a website that not only looks good on all devices but there is more coming out for the website. For one we have our new blog out. This will allows the team at Traditional ATA share our ideas, thoughts, events and even new announcements. One of the big goals of our new website, a feature that is in the works, is a section that will have videos to help with forms and tips. Currently we have most of our videos on youtube, but we want a place where all of these videos are located. This should make it easier for our students to find what form, combo or self-defense that they are working on this cycle. The big goal is to make our site not only a place for new people find out about us, but a one stop shop for everyone. To be able to see what’s new or upcoming at the studio to having resources for getting ready for belt testing. Below is a few small tips about our website that might make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking to just get the announcements we have a page just for that. Check Out this page to get the most current announcement.