January Sparring Seminar

This weekend we had an amazing sparring seminar that was packed. Our first seminar was a group from our junior classes and it was crazy. There was about 20 kids that we working on taking their sparring to the next level. Most of them had been sparring for over a year so they learned how to take the basics and turn them into more dynamic sparrings. Taking a basic round kicks and turning the into my fun butterfly kicks to mix our their combos. We also covered moving around in more of a circular motion to avoid from being caught against a wall, or out of a sparring ring. Overall the juniors learned a lot and had a great hour of fun!


After them we spent another hour working with the adult class. These guys (& gals)  worked their butt off. They worked on footwork and reaction timing to increase their speed, and over course we had to do the fun spinning butterfly kicks too. Overall this group was able to take the basic of point sparring and mixed it into a fun workout while increasing their skills.


We wanted to go into our sparring seminar to help students get better at point sparring, but we also were seeking a fun activity for both kids and adults. We know being active can be hard for people of all ages so if we can keep people wanting to keep training with sparring then we have met our first goals here at Traditional ATA. We have produced many State Champions in sparring in Idaho and some District Champs so we wanted to share this to more students.